I was one and a half years old when I put my skis on for the first time in my life. It was the moment, when I decided to follow my biggest dream and become a ski racer.

I was a member of the Swiss National Team of Swiss-Ski for 8 years and raced down the ski slopes with  120 kilometres per hour and more. In 2015, I retired from ski racing. Skiing became my favourite hobby: enjoying deep powder snow on a brilliant winter day is simply thrilling! As an expert for the Swiss television I will comment the Ladies World Cup and therefore remain connected to my roots.

During summer I spend a lot of time on the airfield at Kägiswil which is also where I passed my private pilot license exam. It is always a pleasure to go on a short trip, flying around the alps. I have started the advanced aviation training in Zurich-Kloten where I prepare for the commercial pilot license. Furthermore, I enjoy playing golf, reading books and watching movies.

Together with my long-standing sports psychologist Dr. Christian Marcolli I am presenting “Making it happen”, a speach providing insight into the world of high performance sports, and my way to the Olympic gold medal. My collaboration with Dr. Marcolli also resulted in a book called “Making it happen – Von Engelberg nach Sochi”, which is only available in German though.

I currently study physics at ETH Zurich and feel very privileged to be amongst such bright minds.


Date of Birth 4th June 1985
Highlight Olympic champion in downhill, Sochi 2014
biggest disappointment Crash at the Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010
Palmarès my greatest achievements