The Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi – an unforgettable experience.
We travelled to Russia as part of a large delegation of Swiss athletes, filled with high expectations, curiosity and anticipation. We realized early that the Olympics had been set up perfectly: fair competitions, short distances in between accommodation and competition site, supportive and polite staff. I will never forget the breath taking landscape or the warmth with which the locals treated us.

Let the games begin

To qualify for the Downhill race, we had to compete against each other amongst the Swiss National Team members – not an easy task considering the solid performances throughout the team. During practice I gave it everything and exploited my maximum potential. I was rewarded with the last remaining team spot for the Downhill race after scoring the best time during the final practice. A good omen – I felt relieved and highly motivated for the upcoming race. Receiving an Olympic Diploma for placing 5th in the super combined competition was a successful kick-off at the Winter Olympics 2014. My excellent slalom run left a thrilling feeling which would keep me motivated during the following competitions.

Olympic Gold

For the Downhill race at Rosa Peak I took off in a confident and certain manner. Even though I knew I had managed a smooth and flawless race and reached the finish line in minimum time I had to see it on the leader board. When I saw I reached first place, indescribable emotions passed through me. Waiting for the other participants to arrive at the bottom were the most nerve-racking 60 minutes of the whole event. I remained unbeaten throughout the whole race, only tied by Tina Maze’s time. To become Olympic champion was an incredibly amazing feeling. Sharing this moment with one of the most talented athletes of our sport made it perfect.


Winning an Olympic gold medal continues to be the absolute highlight of my sports career. The heartfelt reception at the airport and the more than delightful celebrations in Engelberg remain unforgettable.

Sincerest thanks for the overwhelming emotions, which I will always carry in my heart.