Partnering with successful businesses and engaging in charity work has always been very important to me. I feel very lucky to function as an ambassador for companies and projects that fascinate and inspire me.


I signed partnership with Breitling one day after achieving my private pilot license (PPL). It has been quite a while since and I am still very pleased being accompanied by a watch almost every pilot would choose to take on board.


My long-standing equipment suppliers to whom I owe plenty achievements and emotions.

Swiss Red Cross

The Swiss Red Cross is a charity organization steeped in history, which engages in various projects all over Switzerland as well as worldwide. As a member and ambassador of the Swiss Red Cross I get involved with people in need.


Stiftung Schweizer Sporthilfe

Supporting young Swiss talents on their path towards World Class. This organisation makes sure no talent gets lost due to financial reasons. I’m proud to be a board member.


I support the project “fit4future”, an initiative of the Cleven foundation, since the very beginning of my sports career. Working with children is a wonderful task. I consider teaching them about movement and nutrition as an extremely valuable contribution for the future.

Live Your Dream Foundation

With this project, Carlo Schmid, who flew around the world with his own small airplane, supports our youth and their dreams.

Further partnerships and commitments

idiag – The “Spirotiger” is an ingenious training device with which I have been working out daily for many years.

passion Schneesport – a great foundation supporting Swiss snow sports talents.

143 section central Switzerland – reachable 24/7 if in need of someone to talk to, which – in my opinion – is invaluable.