Meine Instagram Woche 06/2013

8. Februar 2013 | 2 Kommentare

2 Kommentare zu «Meine Instagram Woche 06/2013»

  1. sam:

    Hi again super D!
    Was just browsing your photos, guess that your hand is not in a cast then as no pics? Hope it’s not too painful. Wonder what artwork, whose autographs you would have if you had one?
    Have you caught up on any good movies lately? We saw all the typical blockbusters here with Oscars coming up- none too impressive, more overhyped. Did enjoy “Rust and Bone” (forget French title) which is in late release over here. Marion Cotillard is an amazing actress. Keep posting your favorites!

    • Dominique Gisin:

      hej sam
      i have a little cast but nothing extraordinary, so i will race next week in garmisch. marion cotillard is amazing and ill try to see the movie you suggested asap. i liked django and also anna karenina. all the best

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