Meine Instagram Woche 52/2012

28. Dezember 2012 | 3 Kommentare

3 Kommentare zu «Meine Instagram Woche 52/2012»

  1. Peter:

    Ja, so einen Audi würde ich auch mal gerne umarmen … wenn ich denn einen hätte ;-)

  2. sam:

    Nice nice Domi!
    Congrats on all the GS success, beautiful angles -can’t wait for the speed events to resume.
    Very cool blog you have here, nice mix of photos & commentary plus the videos are uber FUN to watch! (Thanks for writing in English too, really appreciate it across the pond.)
    Seems you are highly right brain/left brain talented with all of your diversity. Is that E=MC2 on top of your helmet, love it?! Tolkien was hugely popular here in 70s culture.
    Anyway, neat photo of you skiing that rail. And “sweet ride” Christmas Audi (holy cow what do they give out for podiums & birthdays, etc.)?!
    Have a Happy New Year, best wishes in your racing & all of life!
    *beep beep beep BEEP*
    dig this blog!

    • Dominique Gisin:

      thx sam!
      jup it is e=mc^2 :)

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